‘It was lots of fun and I am inspired to make a change’
‘Even though people might say no to change, keep trying to make a change’
‘Good things happen only if you make them happen’
‘I learnt to be determined and strive for what you believe’
 ‘I learnt to never give up, and complete your goals’
 ‘I learnt to fight for what you believe in, and that anything is possible’
 ‘I learnt ways to set things in motion’
‘I learnt that if one idea spreads, it can be world changing’
 ‘Their stories were very inspiring’
 ‘I learnt that even if you start small, you can grow big’
‘Our teacher Linnet Hunter and Stuart Constable was great I loved it!!!’
 ‘I liked all the activities and making new friends’
‘I liked the fact that we could interact and find out which way we work the best’
‘It was very interesting and fun!’
‘It was all good! I had loads of fun’
 ‘It was very educating and entertaining for me’