Student Election Ready 

Program Overview: Student Election ready is designed for Year 5 students preparing and presenting speeches in Term 4.           

Term 4 is an important term for students who aspire to become a school leader in 2025. Not only are student elections running, but many public speaking events take place at the end of a school year, including debates, presentations and award ceremonies to name a few important milestones. This online Student Election Ready program will help prepare students for these important milestone events!  

  • This is a school-nominated program
  • Workshops run in school hours
  • This is an Online program
  • Students rotate through 3 x 60 minute sessions
  • The program will be running on the 9th, 10th and 11th of September

Student Fee of $96 to cover all three sessions.

Day schedule (AEST)
9.15 am Registration and Welcome
9.30 am Workshop 1

10.30 am 30-minute break
11.00 am Workshop 2
12.00 pm 30-minute break
12.30 pm Workshop 3
1.30 pm Finish


A Speech to Sizzle!with Ron Thomas

Public speaking is far from scary – with the right tips, it is downright fun. First off, we’ll model a speech. We’ll then reflect upon its structure and presentation and we’ll take the plunge. We’ll dive deeper to discover how to prepare a powerful speech. The basic structure is pretty straightforward - from beginning (a clever opening, an introduction, and an audience ‘hook’), then to middle (structural hints, signposts) and finally to end (summing up, linking to the start and ending spectacularly). Finally, all you need is to add is a little magic and you’ll have a speech that SIZZLES! If we have time, we will hear a few.

Ron Thomas knows the fun of public speaking and the joy of moving an audience. He is director and facilitator of ‘Speak with Power’. He has twenty five years’ experience training primary and secondary students in public speaking, leader-ship and debating skills. Ron is a Gold Level (the Highest Lev-el) Toastmaster and Area Humorous Speaking Champion. He has twice coached student teams to the Debating Association of Victoria Grand Final. He was Gifted and Talented Students Coordinator at his last school. Ron is a published poet and author and also runs writing (and many other) courses for teachers and students all over Australia.

Speaking with Purpose, Poise and Power - with Jacqx Melilli

Self-awareness is one of the most important skills a leader needs. In this workshop you will explore your ‘why’ (what inspires and motivates you) and consider if anything is holding you back. Understanding your ‘why’ will give you the confidence to be your authentic self when you speak, allowing you to shine and stand out from the rest.

Jacqx Melilli is an accredited trainer and assessor and has a Master of Arts degree in Writing and Literature. Jacqx has worked at Southern Cross University Business School collaborating with lecturers and professors on tailor-made corporate programs for business leaders in executive positions, and at BeyondEdge as a team member in the creation of their eLearning programs for multinational companies and government departments. Courses were focused on Leadership in Business, Business Management, and Workplace Health and Safety policies. Jacqx also has experience in film production and wrote scripts for training videos that were incorporated into the training material. She has been a member of Toastmasters where she honed her skills in making and delivering speeches.   

Embrace the Butterflies - with Dimuthu Perera

Public speaking can make our palms sweat and our stomachs churn, but in this workshop we’ll build a set of tools to transform that dread into excited butterflies ready to perform! We’ll see how delivering our words with confidence enhances our voice and message. To gain this confidence, you’ll learn how to pace your speech; the power of the pause; and how to vary pitch, tone and inflection to engage your audience. And best of all, you will learn to use those beautiful butterflies to your advantage! This workshop will also take some time to embrace technology, given our current set of circumstances this year! How can we enhance our communication skills through Zoom? Is it possible to still connect?

Dimuthu Perera is a transformational coach, public speaking facilitator and the founder of You Inspired. She is a graduate of Psychology and Information Systems and has over 20 years’ experience working in this area. Dimuthu is also an Advanced Practitioner of Coaching, accredited by the Inter-national Coach Guild. She leverages her depth of training, education and experience to help individuals effect change. Her focus is on confidence building through emotional awareness. Through extremely personalised and tailored sessions and workshops, her focus always remains on the individual. She is responsible for the creation of the Wonderful Me Program, which is specifically targeted at building confidence in children through a process of structured activities and coaching. Dimuthu believes that equipping her students with their own self-awareness and self-confidence is the most long lasting and sustainable way for them to live extraordinary and fulfilling lives.